Gentle Yoga & Flow
All Levels welcome            


The class includes basic breathing exercises, a variety of foundational postures including standing, seated, and on the floor. Gentle movement is included to practice attaching breath to movement. The class provides a supportive environment for you to relax and open your body and mind, while releasing stress and tension from joints and muscles. Perfect for beginners, or anyone interested in a gentle yoga practice.  

AYT-Positional Therapy Yoga



This is a therapeutic class based on the Physical Therapy techniques of SCS/MET (slacking muscles and facilitated stretches) and other modalities geared towards reeducating the musculoskeletal system in optimal alignment. There are 5 session classes that work well together as a system yet also are independently beneficial to the student. 

Traditional Hatha Yoga/Gentle
All Levels welcome  

BUTI© Yoga


BUTI© Yoga

Hatha yoga contains the foundation postures for all styles of yoga. The focus is on meditation, pranayama (breath) and alignment while holding the poses. The traditional Hatha class will help you to build strength. And a regular practice of meditation and breath can help to reduce stress in your day-to-day life. Beginners or advanced students will benefit from this traditional class.

BUTI© Yoga-Buti is an Indian Marathi word that means "a cure that has been hidden or kept secret." We believe EVERY woman has the power to transform and heal her body from within. Buti Yoga focuses on activating the Spiral Structure of the core to engage the deep abdominal muscles and stimulate the endocrine system.

Ammayanni Beginners
Level I / Fundamentals

Ammayani Yoga is a Hatha Yoga system that incorporates all of the fundamental aspects of a yoga practice with a diverse Americanized spiritual energy. The spiritual emphasis facilitates a connection for all to meet on the common ground of humankind. This class introduces the use of dynamic muscle energy within the stretch—promoting strength, length and re-education of muscle tissue. The resulting conditioning for the tendons will reduces stress on the ligaments.

Ammayanni Challenging & Intermediate . Level II with Level III prep

  A challenging asana practice, students have become more comfortable with the poses; the holds are longer and the flows more difficult; students have acquired an ability to modify when needed.


Community Hatha Flow Class . Level I     

This Hatha Yoga class with gentle movements will focus the mind and the breath in a meditative energy. You will leave with sensations of power and strength within the body as well as peace and serenity in the mind.

Yoga Tone

All Levels welcome

This complete workout incorporates weight lifting with a strength building Asana practice (yoga postures). Light weights are used to add resistance to traditional yoga poses. The practice encourages more calorie-burning power and will also help to sculpt lean muscle. The combination of yoga and strength training has been shown to prevent loss of bone density and may increase small amounts of bone growth and muscle mass.

All Levels welcome

Yin Yoga is a complementary yoga practice to more dynamic and invigorating yoga styles. A Yin Yoga practice focuses on holding gentle postures for longer durations. The connective tissue has an opportunity to passively lengthen and open the meridian channels that run through the organs and intestines. The Yin practice bringing stress relief to the physiological systems of the body as well as the gross structural system (muscles and bones). 

All Levels welcome

Restorative yoga allows the body to gently stretch and open within a pose by using props such as bolsters and blankets for support allowing for deep and therapeutic relaxation. Restorative poses refresh, renew, and nurture the body and mind. This peaceful, recuperative class is appropriate for students of all skill levels and those recovering from illness or injury.

Pranayama/ . Meditation . Starting Sept. 2019


Private Sessions Available

All Levels welcome

Pranayama / Meditation will move through a very short asana practice (10 min.) a few Pranayama (breathing) exercises and two 20 minute guided meditations with a movement break between the segments.


In a private session emphasis is placed on the student's specific needs regarding alignment, flexibility, stamina, and strength. Yoga postures help to balance the body’s natural ability to heal and recover from injury. A focused one-on-one interaction between instructor and student is beneficial to address specific issues of injury or even structural misalignment due to poor posture, and weakness.

Ammayanni Yoga Therapeutics- (AYT) Private Session

Developed by Bridget Yanni, this is a private hands on yoga session that focuses on an individual's 'postural imbalances' that are  creating  instability and / or pain in the musculoskeletal system. These sessions may sometimes incorporate hands-on bodywork techniques and energy balancing modalities. Bridget is a licensed Bodyworker and Massage Therapist;  this style of Yoga has been developed over her 20 year practice and study. We have a group of Instructors certified in this AYT System, we would be happy to help you find an instructor to work with.