Notices: Soul Sisters Circle for Sept. 26th will be post-poned til next month, Oct. 24th.

200HR Teacher Training

Start Date:Oct 5th 2019-Click On Teacher Training Page for Schedule.

New Schedule:

We will try to post substitute teachers on our class schedule page.

*Yin Yoga now Mondays 6:15-7:30pm

*Coming Sept. 11th Pranayama / Meditation 6:15pm-7:30pm

*October Masters Meditation Retreat

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Visit our gift shop, ‘Pisces Rising’ Before or after morning classes.

Visit our gift shop, ‘Pisces Rising’ Before or after morning classes.

Ammayanni Yoga is a devotional practice, inspired by 'Traditional Hatha Yoga' The focus is on intention, proper alignment, building strength, increasing stamina, and moving with the breath.

This 'Hatha Yoga' system incorporates all of the fundamental aspects of a yoga practice while inviting a more diverse Americanized spiritual energy of individual connection so as to facilitate a space for the community to meet on the common ground of being human.

Ammayanni Yoga group sessions concentrate on general form while introducing basic alignment principles; this creates a dynamic use of muscle energy within the stretch promoting strength, length and re education of muscle tissue while encouraging conditioning for the tendons which reduces stress on the ligaments and bones.

In a private session emphasis is placed on a student's specific needs regarding alignment, flexibility, stamina, and strength. Many yoga postures balance the bodies natural ability to heal injury; a focused 'one-on-one' interaction between instructor and student is beneficial to a student working to address issues of injury or even structural misalignment due to poor posture, and weakness.