Therapeutic Massage- This is a basic full-body therapeutic massage; relaxing; stress reducing; sometimes meditative. Relieves muscle tension as well as mental or emotional stress. 

Deep Tissue Bodywork - This session works with the deeper layers of muscle and uses much firmer pressure. Most commonly this session works to free the shoulder girdle and or the pelvic girdle. Because the work moves through the superficial layers of muscle there can sometimes be a bit of soreness the following day. This work is approached with reverence and communication between practitioner and client throughout the session.

Y.A.N.I. Bodywork -Yanni Approach to Neuromuscular IntegrationThis work is based on the 10 sessions of 'Rolfing,' the sessions vary quite a bit from the 'Rolfing' modality in that it is less invasive and less traumatic to the muscle tissue. Energy work is also weaved in through the sessions as well as some 'Positional Therapy' Techniques. This work is beneficial to those with severe scar tissue build-up or chronic structural misalignments. 

Positional Therapy- This Bodywork comes from the Physical Therapy techniques of SCM/MET, a way of working with structural imbalances through slacking muscles to alleviate unhealthy tension, than working to shorten and strengthen overstretched tight muscles that have become weak while lengthening  short tight overbearing muscles. 

Polarity Therapy- This modality uses bodywork and energy balancing techniques to bring harmony to the wireless anatomy of the individual. This modality was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone; it has been helpful in undoing blockages caused by daily stress as well as mental, emotional or physical trauma that create major blockages to peace and harmony in ones life.

AYT-PT-Advanced Yoga Therapy- This is a private Advanced Therapeutic Yoga Session incorporating hands on assists and energy balancing Protocols that work to undo energy current blocks in the structural and wireless anatomy of the body. 

Reiki- The most common description is; universal life energy. In a Reiki session the practitioner uses subtle hands on placement to act as a conduit for this life force energy. Reiki is very relaxing and can lead to physical, mental and emotional healing of the giver and the receiver. 

Jin Shin Jytsu- 'is an Ancient Oriental Art of harmonizing life energy in the body. Said to predate Buddha and Moses, it was rediscovered in the early 1900's by Master Jiro Murai, who, after recovery from a terminal illness, devoted himself to the revival of the Art for future generation.' It was brought to the US in the 50's by his devoted student Mary Burmeister.

J'in Shinn Jytsu is a physio-philosophy that involves the application of the hands for gently balancing the flow of life energy in the body; more generally, it is the awakening to awareness of complete harmony within the self and the universe.'

Reflxology- this session works with the reflex points located on the soul of the foot; it is used to release tension in the organs and intestines.