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Weekend Immersion with Karen DiCesari

All levels of practice Welcome!

This weekend Immersion is being offered to the community to help practitioners tune into and engage more powerfully within their Asana Practice, ultimately going deeper into basic forms of the pose and developing the skills for engaging the deeper subtler muscle energies that allow us to 'Align & Refine' the physical aspect of the pose while participating more fully in the extension and expression of  the 'Energetic Self' on and off the mat. 

Come one Day, $60;  Come both days, $100

Register by 11/25, payment required to register.

Saturday Noon-5pm: Explore the physical alignment through the aspects of foundation, muscle energy, balanced action and full expression for you in each asana.

Sunday Noon -5pm: Explore the flow of energy through the Chakra system, connecting with the different qualities of each energy center;  have a direct experience with how these energies move through your practice deepening self awareness and expanding 'Self-Expression.

Some side effects may be; strength & balance; stamina & endurance; laughing & having a good time; a more committed and deeper Yoga Practice.

Both classes will involve some discussion and lots of movement, where comfortable cloths as you would for Asana Practice




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