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AYT-PT Intensive


Led by Bridget Yanni
Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist (10 yrs.) and licensed Bodyworker for over 20 years.

This ‘Therapeutic Asana Intensive’ will focus on reversing the structural mis-alignments that occur in daily life, either from our ergonomics in the work place or from our fitness activities.

Ammayanni Yoga Therapy (AYT) is based in the physical therapy modality called Positional Therapy.
AYT-Positional Therapy Yoga works to create balance for the musculoskeletal system by creating length in short tight over bearing muscles and by shortening and strengthening overstretched tight muscles that have weakened and potentially may fray or tear.

This Intensive will work to Balance the muscles of the pelvic & shoulder girdles and their relationship to the limbs.