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Mindfulness Meditation Introductory Course 7:30-9:30


"Each moment of life is spacious and fresh, vivid and unrepeatable. Yet we rarely experience our life this in this way. Instead, we feel anxious, stressed out, overworked, or even fearful. Developing a daily mindfulness practice can directly counter these feelings of dissatisfaction and incompleteness, revealing to us the innate presence, happiness, and contentment available in each moment.

"For thousands of years, those learning how to practice mindfulness have started with a simple, reliable support: the breath." 

Join Brandon R. Everett. for this two-week workshop exploring the science of mindful breathing, the benefits of establishing a regular mindfulness practice, and a number of techniques for integrating practice into daily life. This two-week workshop is ideal for those who are new to the practice of mindfulness meditation."

"Brandon R. Everett is a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. His motivation in sharing the practice of mindfulness is to encourage others to recognize and cultivate their innate ability to realize presence, happiness, and freedom."