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AYT Restorative Yoga with Energy Balancing Practice

Let’s shake off Winter and open up to the energies of Spring!

Join us for this Intensive style Yoga Practice where we will incorporate:

*AYT-PT Yoga

*Restorative Yoga

*Hands on Kosha Balancing (Reiki & Polarity combo)

Led by:  Sandra Muir & Bridget Yanni

Benefits of this Practice: Activates the Parasympathetic Nervous system which sends info to the Brain that it’s safe to relax, when the muscles and the systems of the body can fully relax daily tensions and stress that have built up over days, weeks, months even years can release from the tissue of organs, muscles even bone. This creates a sense of wellness in the body, heart and mind, side affects may be Happy, Joyous and free.

Investment- $20.00