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The 4 Archetypes of Relationship W/ Ledian Toska

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Ledian Toska is here to share his wisdom and teachings that he has obtained through the years advising individuals and couples around the world. He will bring a higher understanding and assist you to in looking at romance from a holistic approach.


In this workshop learn about The 4 Archetypes, they are --- Spiritual, Material, Karmic, and Chemical. Which Archetype are you? This will assist in the why, what and how love should be or become. Many people are finding themselves in repeated patterns in relationships. This is an assessment of where you are and where you wish to be.


The Philosophy of Love…

Love is an eternal philosophy that drives life of all the beings on this planet. It is an inexpressible feeling many of us would have experienced in various forms. Love strengthens a relationship, love is the power that can endure all things, rejoice in all things and glorify all things. Love is often portrayed as a powerful force, something that can inspire greatness in the lover. However, the other side can be quite dangerous; the beautiful feeling can be utterly devastating if it doesn’t work out.