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Kundalini Yoga workshop w/ Nicholas Thales Giordano

$35 investment

Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of awareness and works as a technology to awaken the power within you, expand your conciousness, and have peace of mind.

Nicholas will be guiding us through some of the most powerful tools in the kundalini practice; come join us and have an experience of the Sage within you.


Designed to elevate your soul and yet be grounded and rooted in your purpose for being here.  

Nicholas holds a 200 HR Certification in Ammayanni Yoga under lead teacher and founder Bridget Yanni and holds a Level 1 Teacher Certification in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Bhajan KRI 3HO under master teachers Guru Mantra Singh and Meherbani Kar. Nicholas has studied under Guru Mantra Singh a level 3 master healer of Sat Nam Rasayan, an ancient form of meditative healing.

"I began practicing yoga in 2013 and have been deeply committed ever since. Yoga was a game changer for me; it transformed my life as I knew it and I am eternally grateful for the practice and my teachers."

"It is my passion and prayer to be of service to others and to live with purpose; to bring healing and understanding to this planet; to make a difference and impact, like both my teachers and this practice have made in my life."

"Where there is LOVE, there is no question." Yogi Bhajan