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The AMMA Center & Yoga Studio is now offering a level I class

Every Monday Evening
Led by Janice D’Amarco

This is a level I class that focuses on building stamina, strength and flexibility while teaching the basic principles of alignment. This is a great class for anyone just starting or getting back into a Yoga practice.

Feel free to email Bridget Yanni with any questions.

200 HR Teacher Training - Ammayanni Yoga Level I

Starting in June 2014
Dates will be posted to the website by the end of April

This is a Dynamic Therapeutic Teacher Training; Level I prepares students for Teaching beginners and working with people with physical misalignments related to basic postural imbalances it also sets the ground work for our 300 HR Advanced Therapeutic Teacher Training- Ammayanni Yoga Level II and III.

The course will run every other weekend (Times still to be set), and every Tuesday and Wednesday evening. (6-9:30pm)

Feel free to email Bridget Yanni with any questions.

Bhakti & The Beatles Kirtan With Sam Rossitto & Friends

May 17th (Sat. Night) 8PM

Sam Rossitto is a remarkable Artist, performing locally with his Band and often touring locally with David Newman (Durga Das) & The Beloveds. Sam Rossitto and Friends have put together a beautiful tribute to The Beatles in this night of Kirtan-Bhakti & The Beatles.

The Beatles became inspired by Eastern music after 1965. First while making the movie ‘Help’ and than after a lecture and visit with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Eleven songs were inspired by and some included Eastern Mantra and music; Dear Prudence; Fool On The Hill; Across The Universe; Norwegian Wood (The Bird Has Flown); Within You Without You; Love You To; The Inner Light; Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds; Sexy Saddie; I am The Walrus: My Sweet Lord; India India;(last two George Harrison songs).

In an interview with Dave Swanson, Ultimate Rock, George Harrisson commented, “There’s this thing called mantra. Through the mantra you can follow a technique that helps you to transcend, that is, to go beyond the waking sleeping dreaming state.”

Call The Amma Center to register: 215 572-9881

"Conscious Contact" Yoga Immersion with Scott Muir

Sunday, April 13th Noon til 6PM
Investment: $50

"Concious Contact" Yoga Imersion is layered with various 12 Step Recovery Programs as well as Eastern/Western Yoga Philosophy, Doctine and Practive (moving the body) connecting body and mind and medidation to encourage "Conscious Contact" woth your concept of Spirit, aka Higher Power.

Scott Muir is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT 200). His ability to share his enthusiasm ans experieince is enfectious and fun. Scott has completed 400 hours of a 500 hour Teacher Training "Ammayanni Yoga" an advanced therapeutic yoga study at The Amma Center & Studio; he has been teaching beginner level classes as well as chair yoga classes over the past year.

As we seek "Conscious Contact" with a Higher Power certain fears, insecurities and often emotional blocks pop up and appear to inhibit or restrict our ability to recieve guidence, encouragement and validation from the Love of a Divine, we hope to look at these issues with Love and Compassion for ourselves and others through this Imersion, we hope you'll join us.

Mats, cushions and blankets are available; wear confortable clothing (no jeans).
Water can be purchased for $1, feel free to bring your own.
Call 215 572-9881 for details

Yoga 101 Series for Beginners with Janice DiMarco

March 3rd through April 7th
6 Mondays 5:30-7PM
$90 for entire program
$20 per individual class

This Class is Designed to give a beginner an understanding of the asana (poses) and how to hold the most basic form. Sudents will slao exoerience how their body can deepen and fine-tune the poses according to their physical makeup. This series will also facilitate strength building, stamina and endurance enhancement and relief of mental and emotional stresses that build up thoughout our daily lives.

Janice is a gentle, vibrant and knowledgeable instructor with a 200 hr RYT (registered Yoga Teacher) Certification with Yoga Alliance; she has also completed levels I, II and III of the Ammayanni Yoga Teacher Training here at the Amma Center and will soon be a 500RYT Certified instructor with over 600 hrs of training, 200 hrs in Therapeutic Yoga Instruction. She trained here at the Amma Center and has also been practitioner of ypga for over 13 years.

Call The Amma Center to register: 215 572-9881

‘Spring Training’ A Workout with Vicky Ayer

Introduction on 2/9/14 (Sun.) 4:30-5:30 - $20
6 week series starts 2/23/14 and ends 3/30/14 (6 Sundays)
3 sessions - $55
All 6 sessions-$95

Vicky Ayer is a quiet, gentle and intense energy; her style of teaching brings physical power and focus together enabling students to build stamina and strength to better support structural stability and alignment. It has been known that physical activity releases endorphins through the bloodstream that create an emotional sense of well-being, it has also been proved that weight lifting with light weights and lots of repetition can delay the loss of muscle mass and bone density as we age.

This class is designed so that you can work with a weight comfortable to you, yet intense enough to feel like you’ve had an intense workout.

Wear comfy cloths, mats available, water can be purchased for $1 or bring your own, you might want to bring a towel.

Call The Amma Center to register: 215 572-9881

"Yoga for the Mind" A day of Lecture On The ‘Bhagavadgita’ With Shiva Das - Saturday Afternoon Feb. 15 - Noon-4pm

Shiva Das is the co-founder of ‘Inner Fire Yoga’ and has certified hundreds of Yoga Teachers in this style of practice. He has been lecturing ‘Yoga’ philosophy, including the ‘Bhagavadgita’ for close to two decades; his knowledge and inner wisdom is remarkable and his true humility is obvious. It is a true honor and absolute blessing for the Amma Center to host such an amazing teacher. Please join us this for lecture and discussion.

Extreme ‘Yoga Tone’

‘Extreme Yoga Tone’ is an intense workout that incorporates weight lifting with a strength building Asana practice (yoga postures). It is set at an intermediate level not meant for a beginner. Participants must have a regular yoga practice and some experience with light weight training.

Why combine Yoga & Weight training?
As we age our bodies loose muscle mass, this can lead to loss of bone density increasing vulnerability to osteoporosis. By the age of 70 most people will have lost approximately 50% of their muscle mass; studies show that strength training over time can help prevent bone loss and even promote small amounts of bone growth. There are also studies that indicate similar findings regarding a consistent yoga (asana) practice. So, why NOT ‘Yoga Tone”?

Call The Amma Center to register: 215 572-9881

Yin Yoga Workshop With Michelle Supsic - Sunday January 19th 12-3pm - $30

All Levels Welcome
This is a perfect class for beginners

A Yin Yoga practice focuses on holding gentle postures for longer durations to allow the connective tissue an opportunity to passively lengthen and open the meridian channels that run through the organs and intestines bringing stress relief to the physiological systems of the body as well as the gross structural system (muscles and bones). This workshop aims at delivering an intense experience of physical sensation, emotional release and mental understanding regarding the subtle energies of the organs and the intestines.

Michelle is a 200 hr RYT (registered Yoga Teacher) with much continued education she has over 500hr of Teacher Training education and has been instructing a Yin Yoga practice at the Amma Center for almost two years.She trained here at the Amma Center’s 200 hr. Teacher Training program and has also been a practitioner of yoga for over 12years.

Call 215 572-9881 for details

Positional Therapy Yoga Workshop with Bridget Yanni

Positional Therapy is a style of bodywork that addresses imbalances of the muscular system and its ability to support the skeletal system by using Physical Therapy techniques, mainly Strain/Counter-strain and Muscle Energy Technique, (SCS-MET).

Positional Therapy Yoga incorporates these techniques into an asana practice using gentle postures while engaging and slacking the muscles alternately.

The Positional Therapy approach to bodywork or asana practice can relieve chronic pain associated with postural imbalances; it can alleviate migraines that are caused by muscle tension due to imbalances and create over all well being.

Thursday December 12th 7:30-9:30
Thursday December 19th 7:30-9:30

Both nights-$35, One night $20

Call The Amma Center to register: 215 572-9881

Community Yoga Class for $7 Led by Janice D’Amarco Every Tuesday Evening 6-7:15pm

This is an all levels class that focuses on building stamina, strength and flexibility while introducing meditative techniques to quiet the mind.

Janice is an enthusiastic Yoga instructor with a great deal of passion for sharing what she’s learned over the past 15 years of practice and study. Janice is a certified 200-RYT with over 400 hours of study and has been teaching classes for the past year here at the Amma Center & Studio.

Call 215 572-9881 for details

A spiritual Lecture with Paul Hedderman - Tuesday October 1st 8:00PM til 9:00PM - Suggested donation $20

Are you ready for another way of looking at how you think? How you live?

Paul is a dynamic speaker on modern Spiritual concepts. His no nonsense approach on how misperception creates suffering is humorous and to the point. His unambiguous candor is refreshing and almost easy to follow.

To get a preview of Paul's lecture style please visit him at

Paul Hedderman will also be at Yoga On Main Sunday June 16th noon to 2pm.

Call 215 572-9881 for details

Massage Workshop for Couples & Friends
Saturday June 8th - 4 to 8PM for $95 per person.

Have you ever just wanted to know how to give a really good massage?

What will you be learning?
  • Basic Anatomy Overview
  • Subtle Energy Connection
  • and Basic Massage Technique.

Call 215 572-9881 for details

Inner Journey Meditation with Marian Moore - Friday 7:30-9:30PM, March 22nd - $15

This is a style of meditation that Marian uses to encourage participants to open to their own expansive mind energy. Come with an open heart and mind and experience more of your Self than you ever thought possible.

Call 215 572-9881 for details

Join Amma Yanni Yoga & Xoçai ("Sho-Sigh") Healthy Chocolate for a Love Your Body Experience.

Experience yoga and chocolate together like never before!

Come do yoga, taste, and learn more about the ultimate antioxidant food & supplements! Will help weight loss! Healthy! Diabetic-Friendly! Guilt-free Healthy Chocolate!

Friday, February 15 6:30PM

Only $10! Don;t Miss Out! Bring a friend!

Sunday Night Practice with Michelle Supsic- 7-8:15pm

This is a "Yin Yoga" inspired class. Yin Yoga is a gentle yet intense asana practice which focuses on holding poses for longer durations to allow the connective tissue an opportunity to passively lengthen while opening various meridian channels that run energy through the organs and intestines.

Michelle is a 200 hr RYT with much continued education and a passion for "Yin Yoga".

Call 215 572-9881 for details

David Newman aka Durga Das

Join kirtan chant artist David Newman aka Durga Das for an evening of ecstatic call, response chanting, devotional music and sacred song. David’s distinctive approach to kirtan embodies a devotional mysticism with an adventurous musicality and poetic intimacy. His kirtans will take you on a joyous and spiritually uplifting journey into bliss. David will be joined by his wife, Mira, a gifted devotional vocalist and percussionist.

Sunday, September, 23rd 6:00pm - $22

Call 215 572-9881 for tickets

Teacher Training 2012

October 20th - February 24th

An American Yoga Teacher Training featuring Ammayanni Yoga & Y.A.N.I. Bodywork. It is a 200 hour Certification Program.

Find out more about this course and schedule.

Community Yoga for $7

Every Tuesday 6 to 7:30pm

This is a traditional Hatha Yoga class with gentle movements that focus the mind and the breath in a meditative energy. This dynamic class will leave you with sensations of power and strength within the body as well as peace and serenity in the mind.