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300 hr Advanced Therapeutic Teacher Training Starting Oct 2014 Students must be 200 RYT

Part One –(200 hrs) focuses on the therapeutic benefits of Yoga practice. We will be studying the most common postural misalignment and imbalances that cause discomfort and pain in the physical body, we will also study the effects of mental, emotional physical and spiritual trauma on the heart, mind, body and Soul. Through these studies we will apply Ammayanni Yoga as a system that facilitates re-education of structural imbalances and healing on all levels of 'Being'.

Part two-100hrs. will focus on specific imbalances that create chronic conditions or disturbances in health. We will apply Ammayanni Yoga in ways that promotes personal one on one instruction that facilitates individual therapeutic practice and relief from suffering as well as inspiring students to create a home practice that tends to chronic issues. This training sets a strong foundation for yoga instructors to build a therapeutic one on one private practice.

We also welcome instructors with 500 RYT status to join us for continuing education.

300hr Teacher Training Schedule
Feel free to email Bridget Yanni with any questions.

Recovery And Relationships - Will Work for LOVE

A Workshop for couples & Singles in Recovery
Sunday June 8th 1-4pm
Singles-$45, Couples - $80
Group rates available

Join us for an afternoon of physical, mental and spiritual engagement. We will explore the vital principles of healthy relationships through:

  • Simple movements (no yoga experience necessary)
  • Guided Meditation
  • Group Discussion
  • Communication Building Exercises

Matt Kornfeld.MS CAADC has been providing professional addictions treatment since 2007. Blakey Kornfeld, RYT 200 recently completed her teacher training at the Amma Center and is fulfilling her dream of combining yoga and recovery. Matt and Blakey have been sharing their long term recovery journey since 2006 and are honored to share their challenging learning process and resulting joy.

Feel free to email Bridget Yanni with any questions.

200 HR Teacher Training - Ammayanni Yoga Level I

Starting in June 2014
Dates will be posted to the website by the end of April

This is a Dynamic Therapeutic Teacher Training; Level I prepares students for Teaching beginners and working with people with physical misalignments related to basic postural imbalances it also sets the ground work for our 300 HR Advanced Therapeutic Teacher Training- Ammayanni Yoga Level II and III.

The course will run every other weekend (Times still to be set), and every Tuesday and Wednesday evening. (6-9:30pm)

200hr Teacher Training Schedule
Feel free to email Bridget Yanni with any questions.

Bhakti & The Beatles Kirtan With Sam Rossitto & Friends

May 17th (Sat. Night) 8PM

Sam Rossitto is a remarkable Artist, performing locally with his Band and often touring locally with David Newman (Durga Das) & The Beloveds. Sam Rossitto and Friends have put together a beautiful tribute to The Beatles in this night of Kirtan-Bhakti & The Beatles.

The Beatles became inspired by Eastern music after 1965. First while making the movie ‘Help’ and than after a lecture and visit with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Eleven songs were inspired by and some included Eastern Mantra and music; Dear Prudence; Fool On The Hill; Across The Universe; Norwegian Wood (The Bird Has Flown); Within You Without You; Love You To; The Inner Light; Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds; Sexy Saddie; I am The Walrus: My Sweet Lord; India India;(last two George Harrison songs).

In an interview with Dave Swanson, Ultimate Rock, George Harrisson commented, “There’s this thing called mantra. Through the mantra you can follow a technique that helps you to transcend, that is, to go beyond the waking sleeping dreaming state.”

Call The Amma Center to register: 215 572-9881

"Conscious Contact" Yoga Immersion with Scott Muir

Sunday, April 13th Noon til 6PM
Investment: $50

"Concious Contact" Yoga Imersion is layered with various 12 Step Recovery Programs as well as Eastern/Western Yoga Philosophy, Doctine and Practive (moving the body) connecting body and mind and medidation to encourage "Conscious Contact" woth your concept of Spirit, aka Higher Power.

Scott Muir is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT 200). His ability to share his enthusiasm ans experieince is enfectious and fun. Scott has completed 400 hours of a 500 hour Teacher Training "Ammayanni Yoga" an advanced therapeutic yoga study at The Amma Center & Studio; he has been teaching beginner level classes as well as chair yoga classes over the past year.

As we seek "Conscious Contact" with a Higher Power certain fears, insecurities and often emotional blocks pop up and appear to inhibit or restrict our ability to recieve guidence, encouragement and validation from the Love of a Divine, we hope to look at these issues with Love and Compassion for ourselves and others through this Imersion, we hope you'll join us.

Mats, cushions and blankets are available; wear confortable clothing (no jeans).
Water can be purchased for $1, feel free to bring your own.
Call 215 572-9881 for details