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Balance Your Chakras W/ Ledian Toska

How do our Chakras affects our Daily Living?

How can we rebalance these energies after a day of stress?

The relationship we have with our emotional, and physical well-being is closely linked to our attitude about our self and life.  

When we feel good about ourselves and accept who we are with love and gracious spirit, we create the space for good things to happen in our lives. When we fail to love ourselves we leave an opening for negative experience to come our way.  

In this workshop, you will learn to filter these energies throughout your system so you may have enough vitality to experience life at it fullest. Also, learn the functions and side effects of the malfunction of your 7 main chakras in the psychical body and etheric body. By Understanding this deeper wisdom of your chakras will be able to gain more balance in your overall well-being.  

Investment $33.00